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Submit your application to any Swartz Creek Kiwanis member, or mail it to:Swartz Creek Kiwanis Club, 5023 Holland Drive, Swartz Creek, Mi 48473



      Scripts is a fund raiser that allows our club to make money 
      as we make our routine purchases. The club sells gift cards for restaurants, 
      grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, lumber yards...Pre-paid gift cards 
      are available from about 200 major retailers. The club receives between 
      2 and 20% of the face amount as commission for selling the cards. Cards 
      are paid for when the order is placed at any Thursday meeting and are delivered 
      at the meeting the following week. Cards are redeemed like cash at the retail 
      outlet for the full face amount of the card/purchase price. For more information 
      please visit the Great Lakes Scrip Center website by clicking HERE


If you are interested in helping our club by purchasing gift cards just download  the Scripts order form and contact our club about placing your  order. If you want to make your payment online you can use the BUY NOW button above.  Please add 4% to your total to cover our PayPal charges.    



Due by May 1

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